Your One Stop Shop for Technology Repair!

In today’s world our technological devices are everything. From communicating across the globe, to banking online, we rely on our devices constantly. Unfortunately, accidents happen and sometimes we break our devices or they malfunction in some way.

At Sir Fixit we strive to be your one stop shop to service and repair your devices.

We handle many types of repairs such as broken screens, charging issues, software issues, battery replacements and so much more!

Sometimes you don’t know if your device is repairable or what exactly is wrong. We can help you by providing a diagnosis and consultation to discuss what options are available to you!


Our Team

Picture of Miguel Vasquez
Technician and Founder

Miguel Vasquez

Sir Fixit, is a prime example of loving what you do and turning a hobby into a career. As a current Electrical Engineering student, Miguel has a passion for repairing and improving electronic devices. Miguel has been repairing iPhones as a hobby since 2008 when he taught himself how to repair the 1st generation of the iPhone. Notorious for always dropping his phone, Miguel was determined to be able to learn how to fix it on his own. Since 2008 Miguel has successfully repaired every generation of the iPhone. Miguel has a key eye for detail and has extensive professional experience in business sales and customer service.

Picture of Laura Lipton
Director of Operations

Laura Lipton

Laura is the Director of Operations for Sir Fixit. Laura has a background in both Psychology and Education. Laura has a crafty way with words and uses her talents in writing to market Sir Fixit on various platforms. Laura uses her strong communication skills to interact with online customer inquiries and follow ups.