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    301 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33609, USA

    Mon-Fri: 10am–7pm

    Phone Repair

    We repair iPhones, Samsungs, Google Pixels, Motorola, Blackberry and more. We offer a wide variety of phone repair services such as, phone screen replacements, battery replacements, charging port cleanings/replacements, microphone repair, camera lens repair and more!

    PC & Mac Repairs

    We do nearly all hardware and software repairs for all computers. We also offer in home computer repair services so you do not have to lug in your desktop to our shop.

    Home Tech Support

    We can come to your home and service most tech related issues. Connecting new computers and devices to wifi and other devices is our most common service. Troubleshooting wifi issues beyond what your internet provider can do is another service we offer frequently. Call us to discuss your needs!

    Welcome to Sir Fixit

    Sir Fixit is a unique one stop shop for all things tech repair. We strive to provide a true service of value to our customers. Sir Fixit has served Tampa for 5 years and our customers choose us for our exceptional quality and our dedication to customer care. We love what we do and it shows!

    We offer a wide variety of tech repair services. We repair many devices such as phones, laptops, iPads, tablets, desktop computers, head phones, smartwatches, and much more. We also offer advanced level repair services such as water damage repair, data recovery, and micro-soldering.


    What our customers say about us

      Cracked iPad fixed! Fast turn around and friendly service. The pricing was fair too.

    thumb Jennifer F.

      Amazing service! Fully honest and superb service. I'll definitely highly recommend it. I have already taken three apple products to be repaired and they work like new. Great work!!!

    thumb Rigo R.

      I totally blasted my iPad screen and I need it for work. Miguel had it fixed as good as new in a few hours and I could not be happier. Fair pricing and excellent service!!

    thumb Evan K.

    Why Us

    Specialized Team

    With over 12 years of experience, we can fix almost any device.

    Affordable Rates

    Bringing you the best prices for quality parts and repairs

    Efficient Repairs

    We love what we do and take the time do it right, while also keeping repairs timely.

    Expert Level Diagnostics

    Sometimes we know just by looking at the device whats going on. But if we can't tell visually, we need to run our diagnostics. It is important to us that we throughly assess the situation so we can provide an appropriate repair. Our affordable diagnostic fee gets credited towards your total cost of repair.

    Pick Up And Delivery

    We know you're busy and we don't want that to get in the way of getting a repair for your device. If time isn't on your side, we offer pick up and delivery service for our local area. Pricing depends on your location. We will pick up your device, repair it at our shop and return it back to you. Now thats easy! Give us a call to schedule your pick up!

    On-site Repair

    Select repairs can be done on-site. Call us to discuss your repair needs.

    Our Services

    We believe in providing our customers with exceptional quality and customer care they just can’t find anywhere else!

    Other Services We Offer!

    Home Services

    Need to set up your new computer, laptop, iPad etc and connect it to your home? We offer home services to assist your with your tech needs in your home. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

    IT Support

    We provide IT solutions to various issues and devices.

    IT Consults

    Does technology feel intimidating? Having trouble using your device? Looking for help using your device’s features? We provide in-person coaching to help you navigate and feel confident using your device! From using your phone to sending an email, we can help!

    Mail In Repairs

    We accept mail-in repairs for most devices from all over the US. We know its hard to be without your device for very long. We keep mail-in repairs as timely as possible.

    Quality repair service provided by

    an experienced and specialized team

    Our Happy Customers


    If I have insurance on my device shouldn't I just use them?
    Sometimes. Its best to check with your carrier and see what your out of pocket cost is for the repair. Then it’s important to consider how old the device is and if you are wanting to upgrade. We will give you an honest diagnosis and help you make a decision that makes sense for your situation!
    I don't even know whats wrong with my device, it's not functioning right and it's driving me insane.
    Bring it in! We can take the headache out of this for you. We are experts at diagnosis. We will do everything we can to determine the root cause of the issue and give you the best possible options for repair.
    My phone isn't charging? Is this fixable?
    Of course. When a phone doesn’t charge, the first thing we check is believe it or not…. the charger! Yes sometimes the charger you are using is the problem! After we rule that out, we check the charging port (the part where you connect the phone to the charger)… a lot of times this port can get dirty with debris and needs to be cleaned out. This is simple, quick and very affordable fix. In some cases the charging port is broken and needs to be replaced. This is another simple repair. And of course, we will not forget to check the battery, sometimes you just need a battery replacement. This is a another repair that can be done quickly!
    I do not live local. Can I mail in my device for repair?
    Absolutely! And not to mention we would be honored if you chose us! We accept mail-in repairs from all over the US. Our mail-in process is simple and our turn around time is quick! Just give us a call to get the mail-in repair started!
    Can you repair my water damage device?
    Yes, we can fix most water damage devices. We will diagnose your device and inform if it has a solution or you will need a replacement.
    My phone just went black. Is this repairable?
    This is a common issue which can have several causes. We will evaluate your phone and give you the best options for repair.
    Can you recover lost data?
    Yes! We know loosing data is a nightmare. Not to worry, data recovery is possible! No one two data recoveries are the same and there are many factors to consider. Rest assured we have many resources for recovering your data and we will give you the best options available for your situation!


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