Services we offer 


At Sir Fixit we believe that tech repair should be accessible, transparent and efficient. We strive to provide exceptional, friendly, and authentic customer service while staying committed to quality. Sir Fixit offers a one stop shop for all things tech relate.  We repair all of your gadgets, from phones, laptops, tablets and everything in between.  We offer a variety of advanced-level repair services that are listed below. At Sir Fixit, we are experts at our craft, we love what we do and it shows!

Screen Repair

The most common repair here at Sir Fixit is the screen repair. We can repair the screens, back glass, or camera lens on any device. That includes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, Televisions, Gaming devices, etc. We have previously repaired phone screens that have been run over by cars, laptop screens that have been mysteriously shattered , and tablet screens that have fallen victim to the "Toddler Tantrum Toss".  If it has a screen, we can make it pristine!

Charging issues

Is your device not charging or holding a full charge?  Charging issues are not always a battery problem. Sometimes the charging port is filled with lint or debris and can simply be cleaned. Other times the charging port itself may need to be replaced because it has gone bad or been damaged. If it is actually problem with the battery, however,  we can replace the battery for you in order to optimize the power capabilities of your device. Regardless of the issue, we will take a look and determine the best repair options for your situation!

Water Damage Treatment

Did your device go for an unexpected swim? Or become a victim of a spill scene? It's not fun, but it happens sometimes.   We have recovered many phones over the years that were fully submerged for long periods of time. Whatever you choose to do, do not plug your device in when it is wet. Our treatment is a multi-step process. First and foremost, your device needs the basic water damage treatment. This requires taking the device apart and drying all of the components. Once everything is dry we can determine if anything on the device has "gone bad" such as the screen, battery, microphone, camera etc. Sometimes you get lucky; nothing has gone bad, and drying it out is all it takes to repair the device. If additional repairs are necessary, however, we will discuss what needs to be replaced, the price for the repairs, and the expected time needed to complete the repair.

Data Recovery or Transfer

We know how terrifying it can be to lose valuable data.  We offer high quality results in recovering lost data. We can recover data from SD cards, Hard drives, Flash drives, personal devices, etc. Data recovery is a complex process that is highly unique to the device and circumstance around the recovery needs. We will take the time to figure out and communicate to you the best course for recovery. If you simply have a new device and wish to transfer existing data from one device to another, we can help you do that, too!

Computer Solutions

Having difficulties adjusting the settings or navigating the menu options on your device? Need help with virus removal or software updates? Need to back up data onto a hard drive? Or just need a general IT consult?  We offer full service computer solutions, Sir Fixit is here to help you!


When your device isn't working properly but it's not apparent what the issue is, you need a repair diagnosis! In this process we take in your device and figure out what is causing the issue. Then, we determine what the repair process will be and give you an estimate for the repair. If the device isn't worth the repair, or if there is a better route to handle the situation, you can be sure we will always let you know. We are experts when it comes to diagnostics, and we always give you the best options available.

See something we didn't mention?

We have repaired many unconventional devices such as drones, headphones, remotes, CD players, etc. If you are experiencing an issue with an electronic device that is not explicitly mentioned on this site, it doesn't hurt to give us a call to inquire! We will be more than happy to assist you in any way that we are able.