Our most popular repair at Sir Fixit! From a crack, to a completely shattered screen, Sir Fixit is here to repair that for you! We have even successfully repaired phones that have been run over by a car! We repair broken screens on phones, tablets and laptops.

Our screen repairs are quick. iPhone screen repairs can usually be done in just 15 minutes. However, at Sir Fixit we usually take about 30 minutes to do these repairs. This is because we take our time to do it right, and also clean the inside of your phone from debris so we can return your phone to you in the best possible condition!

If you are in need of a screen repair for your cell phone, you need to be sure that you can trust your phone with the best in the industry! At Sir Fixit, you always have the option to sit beside us and watch us repair your device. We have an open shop, so we will never take your phone somewhere in "the back" where you don't know whats going on. We believe in communication! At Sir Fixit, the customer is always kept informed with all repairs.